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//Music Monday\\

What's up guys! I'm back for another "good ol" MM post! As of late I've been getting into a lot of jazzy sounds. I've always been into the great Erykah Badu since I was a little girl, something about her voice + being just makes me Music can make you feel so many different emotions all at once. It can take you to places you've never even been before.

Another artist who's soulful sounds amaze me is none other than Jhene Aiko. She's actually on her way to Miami for this years Art Basel and will be performing for FREE alongside Sampha, Basel curator Solange and many others. Her latest release Souled Out has been on repeat! My favorites are "Wading", "Promises", "Pretty Bird" and "W.A.Y.S." Although the show is free it is on a first come first served basis. I've already alerted my bf, "we will be in line early so request off." He's just going for Sampha...and me of course lol.

Listen up:

01. Fall in Love (Your Funeral) | Erykah Badu
02. Sobriety | SZA
03. W.A.Y.S. | Jhene Aiko
04. Her | Majid Jordan
05. Wading | Jhene Aiko
06. Spotless Mind | Jhene Aiko
07. Window Seat | Erkyah Badu
08. Pretty Bird | Jhene Aiko
09. I Want You | Erykah Badu
10. Drunk Texting | Chris Brown x Jhene Aiko



WWW: Solange Knowles' Wedding

This past Sunday singer Solange Knowles broke the internet with her insanely cute New Orleans nuptials. She married her longtime director beau Alan Ferguson in one of the dopest ceremonies I've seen in a really long time. These days everyone kind of wants to be that traditional 20-mile-train bride while she went for a look completely of her own. She's become known more and more for her impeccable style and she let it be known to the world on this very day.
(via google + tumblr)

It all started with the fashion. Lord, the fashion. Solo opted for an ivory Stephane Rolland caped jumpsuit with a deep v neckline for the actual ceremony. She continued to change up looks thereafter and every single one of them were somehow that-much-more perfect than the last.

My favorite part of her nuptials was that it was true to who she actually is. After they became husband and wife they road down the streets of New Orleans on the cutest white beach-cruisers. They also had their family play a huge part in their nuptials as you can see in the dope bridal party photo featuring the likes of Beyonce, Ms. Tina Knowles and even Janelle Monae

Solange and her son Julez even performed a cute little dance routine at the afterparty. 

Le sigh. Isn't love sweet?




Back in high school there was no brand I loved more than Adidas. I'd save up my tiny Forever 21 checks just so I could get the newest Jeremy Scott collab. 

What I love about Adidas the most is their originality; Unlike their competitors they were willing to create some of the most creative, fashion forward, highly sought after pieces. 
I came up with this look while planning an outfit for an upcoming event. At first, I kinda thought the idea would've looked a bit crazy (especially here in miami) but once I added this BCBG belt everything else quickly fell into place.

I threw on my last purchase from the Zara spring/summer sale (the heels) which I found for a mere $19! God do I love a good deal.

-P.S. I don't believe in paying full price for anything (especially from Zara) since it more than likely will go on sale soon. Working in retail/merchandising will teach you a few tricks of the trade ;)
(my off guard-but-not-off guard look)
Jacket: Adidas | Skirt: F21 | Belt: BCBG | Heels: Zara

**I shot a fun little video for you guys, its my first 
(I hate my voice!) but I did it
as a way to say thank you for all of the amazing 
love you guys show me. If it weren't for you all
who knows where I'd be?

*It could be more of these going forward, lmk!

Check it ;)




WWW: Golden Ting$

Just a few of my favorite tings...

1. Audrey Hepburn photo from my friend Kathy :)

2. This vintage golden cuff my grandma gave me from India

3. An awesome pair of gold heel sandals that I scored a few months back at Zara (only $25!)

4. My grandma's tiny little gold brooches

5. These H&M 'starburst' cuff earrings

6. Vintage gold chains

7. Crystal neckalace that I stalked for months from UO

8. My favorite crystal necklace from J. Crew

9. Big golden F21 hoops

10. Tiny midi rings from F21

11. Gold Tooth bracelet from Asos

12. My good ole "faux-lex" watch from Target (that has stopped working, but I still wear it lol)

13. My blog card (shameless self promotion)

14. Vintage gold bag I thrifted for $4

15. My trusty Steve Madden snakeskin/studded sneakers (they came distressed...I swear)



Sporty Spice

Holaaaa! I'm back. Sorry for zee brief hiatus, I've just been really uninspired lately. With both the blogging community + fashion. I've decided to throw away just about every fuck I've had before and just simply do me. Let's see where it takes us.
Other than that life has been exceptionally well. I'm quickly adapting to this idea of getting back to whatever the fuck makes me happy and it's honestly very refreshing. Sometimes we lose sight of things and start focusing on shit that never really mattered to us before just because we may want what others have/may want to be where they are in life
I've always remained true to the person I present to you today. I do not have "stacks on deck" nor do I pretend to. I'm in le struggle just like everyone else; I work my ass off...always have. My point is, we can never compare ourselves to anyone else (although we tend to, esp. in blogging). You don't know what roads that person could have taken to get there and if you did, could you walk that same walk?
One thing that I can't understand most is when people appear to be someone they're not. Regardless of your follower count, views per day, sponsors, whatever...don't be a dick. Humble yourself.

That being said, Wilde+Free is a free(er) agent. Free to be whoever the fuck I want.
Dress: Urban Outfitters | Sneakers: Puma | Bracelet: Nordstrom Rack
2Chains: Vintage | Necklaces: Asos+F21


WWW: Can I Kick It?

There's nothing I love more than a good pair of sneakers. Srsly, they rule my life. With Fall here everyone's going crazy over boots and while I do love a good pair of leather/suede boots, I live in Miami. Year round the temps are hitting 75+ so I keep cool in a dope pair of sneakers. 

SSENSE has always been my go to for chic sneaks so I put together a few of my faves. Take a sec to check em out :)

Top: Green Snake MMM | Camo Dsquared
Middle: Spiked MMM | Black Woman by Common Projects
Bottom: Black Y3 | Paint Splatter MMM | Bronze 3.1 Phillip Lim
Top: Silver Acne | Black Rick Owens
Middle: Furry Pierre Hardy | Tan MM6
Bottom: Black Snake Saint Laurent | Snake MMM

**I neeeeeddddd those furry Pierre Hardy joints!

What's your favorite pair?



WWW: Bleaches & Cremes

Something I've been obsessing over for what seems like forever now is hair color. I just never know what color I want my hair. This past year I kinda stopped my exploration of different dyes and bleaching techniques since 1) I had a somewhat conservative job and 2) I'm bald.

With those two major things standing in my way, I chose to settle for a toned down blonde. It still allowed me to show a bit of who I was without being "too much". Now that I'm no longer working in an environment like that I've decided to take things one step further and really experiment with color. I'm a person who really appreciates color and individuality and I love standing out.
(photos via pinterest)

 As of late I've been in love with the idea of pastel hair. Lilacs, pinks and peach have all been on my mind. I've watched tons of videos on youtube and have already decided to give it a go. If it doesn't work out I can just dye it again right? Its only hair.

Stay tuned for the turn out ;)



Music Monday

Sup guys? I know I haven't hit ya with a good MM post for some time now, my fault. Music is one of my great loves so I'm always on the hunt for dope new shit. As of late I've been listening to a lot of Travi$ Scott, Childish Gambino (swoon), SZA, Jazmine Sullivan & Kimbra. Wild mix? I know, but I love every type of music honestly, as long as I can feel it.

No more talky, take a listen:

Heart of Gold | Neil Young
Fear | Jazmine Sullivan
Drugs You Should Try | Travi$ Scott
As You Are | Kimbra
Come As You Are | Yuna
Pray | SZA
You See Me | Childish Gambino
Lord Knows | Ty Dolla $ign
Hi Jack | SZA
Dumb | Jazmine Sullivan
Wings | SZA
Rescue Him | Kimbra
Do Ya Like | Childish Gambino
Teen Spirit | SZA
Telegraph Ave | Childish Gambino




Hi guys! I recently picked up this dress at my local red, white & blue. I fell in love with its 'old-time' vibe and double-breasted detailing. The print is pretty dope too. I knew I just had to have it.
Paired the super flowy dress with my new leather sandals that I got from Zara during their season sale. They were only $25 so I figured why not, I knew I'd get some use out of them someday.
As of late I've been experimenting more and more with makeup, this lip color has quickly become a favorite of mine. Its a mixture of a nyx lip cream, a covergirl lip blast thingy and an orange-y gloss on top. I love the look it gives, its just enough pink.

Who knows, maybe I'll do a tut one day...
For finishing touches I threw on my denim jacket, my gold watch and added a few gold brooches. My grandma is gonna kill me when she sees that I've been wearing them lol. Can't help it, they just add something extra to any outfit.
Dress: Vtg | Pins: Vtg | Shoes: Zara | Jacket: Levi's