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SS:On The Fringe

On The Fringe


One of the biggest trends for the season is FRINGE. We've seen it all over runways and on just about everything from shirts and pants to jackets and shoes (ahem, Isabel Marant.)

What I love most about fringe is that its fun + and the vintage "timeless cool" look it gives. Fringe lasts forever!

What's your biggest style obsession right now?




Just 4 years ago today I started this little blog (Young, Wilde & Free) now known as Wilde/Free. It started off as a way for me to build up my writing skills since I was just starting school. It proved to be a blessing in so many ways because with it I've had so may opportunities that never would have happened if I had not put myself out there. One thing I've learned from this is that there are gonna be people that generally like who you are and what you're doing and then there's gonna be people that don't. You have to be okay with that. Once you realize others opinions hold no weight to your own, you'll be on your way!
I've gotten a glimpse into the fashion world and although there's not much diversity, I'm willing to stick around and be that familiar face. I wanna do so much with this blog, these last 4 years have just paved the way for me to become exactly who I'm supposed to be & more.



Yesterday I hung out with a friend who was nice enough to shoot these for me (after my endless heckling). I'm in love with these sneakers folks. I recently got them from The Real Real for a steal!!! Compared to the original price it's like they were free. Well, not really.
I wanted to go for a neutral palette so I paired my Maison Martin Margiela sneakers with my Silence + Noise sweatshirt and Gap cargo pants. Would you believe I got these last summer for only $8? Dealssss man, deal$.
Top: UO | Pants: Gap | Shoes: Margiela | Jewelry: F21




Yes, I'm finally back with yet another ootd post :) I've been super busy with work and school (yes, school) but I made some time to shoot this on one of my days off. I'm working to get better with multitasking & shit since I'm taking summer classes. I'm so happy to be back in school guys. It feels amazing to having something more, something to remind you that you won't have to take shit from anyone too much longer lol. With each day I thank god for guiding me in the right direction and making better life choices. For reals.
I've been doing less & less shopping *throws up dollar bills then picks them up and stuffs back into pocket* so that A & I can save for a place of our own. When I was having one really crappy day I treated myself to a few items from one of my favorite stores, Urban Outfitters. This top gives me so much life! Seriously. It's a total confidence booster in my opinion. Before I never would've wore it (or bought it) but as of lately I've been working (very hard) on my self confidence and self perception. I'm becoming more and more confident in my skin and it's a great feeling. I'm learning that happiness has no size and cannot be faked. I'm also working on going back to my healthier eating so that I can get to a weight I'm comfortable at. I'm just learning to take things day by day.
I'm so happy I decided to keep these sandals man. It took a while to break them in but it was totally worth it :) 
Top + Bra: UO | Pants: Vintage | Sandals: Zara | Pouch: Maje
Earrings: Gorjana | Ring: Ecru MetalNecklaces: F21

P.S - My ring & earrings are from the cool new curated jewelry
service Rocksbox

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Faux Real

Guys, I finally got my faux locs! I'm in loveeee with them. I've had them for about a month now and they honestly look better with age. I love them so much I get up extra early to get ready and take selfies. If that's not saying something....I'm feeling myself lol.
They're so versatile and they give me a look so different than my own. 


As I age I'm finding that I'm becoming more and more comfortable with the woman that I am. Each day is a journey but I'm learning more and more that I don't want to be someone everyone wants to like and be. I give no candy coated fucks if anyone doesn't like me or my hair or anything I do. The more and more I realize these things, the more and more I understand this little thing called life.

Getting faux locs kinda made me see things in a different light. I know someone out there's thinking "its only hair" but...its much more than that. You can be inspired by anything in this world if you allow yourself to. You gotta open your mind cuz.


Enough of that. The maintenance of these joints are pretty simple honestly. I've been using all the products sent to me by Beautiful Textures + African Pride. Some of my favorites have been the Edges & Ends Silkener and the Braid Spray. Total life saversss. I'm planning on wearing these for a bit longer just so I could get my hair to grow. I'll probably wash them soon so stay tuned for zee results.

IN OTHER NEWS: I'm finally going back to school yall! (Yes, I said yall) After taking some (too much) time off I've finally given up on retail and decided to finish up my journalism degree. I can no longer be societies bitch and beg women to buy whatever dress they think they need but don't really want to spend all that money for. Holla at a playa if you wanna collab, I'll finally have time now!

I got more ootd on the way soon so don't hate me!



WWW: Standfor

A while back I was chosen by a dope new brand by the name of Standfor to preview their very first shoe collection. What makes Standfor different than every other shoe brand is the mission behind their designs. The collection aims to bring awareness to one of the biggest causes of preventable deaths in the world: smoking. 

The Smoke Less Collection challenges people to simply smoke less. It will not only save your life, but another persons life too.
I love the statement this brand is making. The designs are fun, bold + colorful. They're full of life.

Definitely take some time to check out the collection and find out more behind the Standfor initiative. It's worth it.




This sweatshirt was made for me! I'm a tomboy truly, but it wasn't until I got into high school that I became fascinated with makeup and girly things. Now I can't even go out without at least eyebrows lol. I don't even need a full face, I just need real ones are a bit sad.
I had my great beautographer snap these for me after we got off work. I'm trying to get into the habit of taking more ootd pics even if I'm out and about without my dslr. My phone actually takes pretty decent photos so whenever I'm cute and free on time, I'll snap a quick pic.
I got this sweatshirt from Banana Republic the other day (I know, I know) for only $23! They're stepping up their game and I know it has something to do with the ever stylish Marissa Webb. I wanted to keep the black vibes so I paired it with my destroyed jeans, croc slip ons and some cool statement jewels.
Sweatshirt: Banana Republic | Jeans: UO | Jewelry: F21 | Sneaker: H&M

To set the look off I chose a bright red lip for a pop of color and to keep with the "Im-a-tomboy-but-I-still-love-a-red-lip" look. I think it was the perfect mix of girly-grunge.




Yesterday I hosted my first official event (yay!). I was part of the Beautiful Textures x African Pride Dream Kids Flaunt Your Look event with Sally's Beauty Supply. The purpose of the event was to give natural hair tips and a few of my favorite natural products and styles. Guests were very receptive to all information received, I met so many different naturals with all different textures. It was great because many women did have questions when it came to correctly caring for their natural hair.

Beautiful Textures & African Pride Dreamkids has so many amazing products that can be used by all women, kinky & curly or straight & wavy. What I love most about their products is the fact that they're natural and contain the essential oils needed for strong, healthy hair. Many products contain shea, olive and almond oils which are all great for your hair.

I learned so many important tips throughout this journey. Having natural hair is definitely not the easy way out. The way you care for your hair ultimately decides it's growth, softness, and sheen. In order to have a full, healthy mane you must always deep condition and drink plenty of water.

I plan to use this newfound knowledge moving forward in my natural journey. First up, a good deep conditioning!

Shirt: J. Crew | Skirt: H&M | Sandals: Zara | Jewels: F21

I'd love to thank everyone who came
and supported me! 

A big thanks to the team at The Garner Circle,
Beautiful Textures, African Pride & Sallys Beauty Supply. This was an amazing opportunity and I'm forever grateful :)



You're Invited: Beautiful Textures & African Pride Dreamkids Present “Flaunt Your Look” with Sally Beauty Supply

Yes, it's true! 
Tomorrow I'll be hosting the Beautiful Textures & African Pride Dreamkids Present “Flaunt Your Look” with Sally Beauty Supply event right here in Miami. The event will be loads of fun as they'll be product giveaways, great haircare tips and even a chance to win 2 (yes 2) tickets to the BET Awards.
Please come out and show some love!

Did I mention I'll be there?
That's all the reason you need :)

What: Beautiful Textures & African Pride Dreamkids Present "Flaunt Your Look” with Sally Beauty Supply
When: Tomorrow, Friday April 3rd @ 4-7pm
Where: 5860 NW 183RD ST.
Hialeah, FL 33015

Be sure to rsvp here for your chance to win the BET Awards tickets!

See you there!




Lol, Turbanator. I crack myself up. Anywho, I shot these over zee weekend with my friend right down the street from his house. I'd admired these walls for a year before actually shooting them. It was kinda like my backup spot in case 1. I got tired of Wynwood and 2. I had nowhere else to go.

It turned out to be the perfect spot for me. I've always liked shooting in areas that feel, like home I guess. I grew up all over Miami from Opa-locka to Carol City and the other so called "not so safe" parts of town. To be honest, I've never felt safer, I've never felt more at home. I'm continuing to discover all the little nooks & crannies of Miami and learning to love this place for what it truly is and not for what society "puts on." 

Jeans: UO | Tank: F21 | Sandals: Target | Vest: TJMax | Shades: Madrag | 
Necklaces: F21 | Scarf: Ann Taylor

As of late I've been really into turbans and head scarves. They give an exotic+boho vibe to any outfit. It gives me a way to play with my natural hair. Speaking of natural hair, I'll be hosting the Strength of Nature x #SallyBeautyBloggerStyle event this friday April 3rd at Sallys Beauty Supply. The event will be filled with tons of fun and tips on different ways to style+care for your hair so that you can flaunt your look this Spring! You'll even have the chance to win 2 tickets to the BET Awards.
The event will be from 4-7pm. I would to see all of you guys there. Come show loveee :) 
Just be sure to rsvp at

See ya there!