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n o i r.

#Newhairwhodis is how I've been feeling lately. A new hair do has a way of making you feel like you're on top of the world. Like "oh damn, where has this been all my life?" I was honestly just ready for something different so I decided to go with this super chic blunt bob in black. 
I'm so excited to style this new do up in different ways! I'm even considering going a bit shorter for a much more dramatic feel. We'll see.
For the past few weeks I've been telling you guys about my latest shopping obsession Banana Republic and this week is no different. Why you ask? See these amazeballs leather gauchos? I scored them last week for a mere $17! Now gauchos are a huge trend this season and I'd always loved a good gaucho but decided to hold off on the trend....That was until I found these!
Now, living in Miami I was a bit hesitant to buy them since I thought it'd be hot ass hell in a leather pant but these are surprisingly cool. I decided to go for a sporty look and kept it simple with a linen white tank and a my fave waistcoat.
I'm so excited to dress these up! Maybe I'll remix them for an upcoming Art Basel party ;)
Vest: F21 | Tank: Target | Gauchos: Banana Republic | Purse: Target
Jewelry: F21+Madewell | Sneakers: Nike


Lust List: Chic Gifts for any Blogger

Lust List

Purchase by clicking below:

Sup! With the holidays nearing faster than ever, it's high time you knock out your significant others wishlist. Now I don't want you to get the idea that I get in my shopping early, I procrastinate too but it always ends up biting me in the butt right at the last minute.

Now if you're dealing with a 'Blogger Boo' or 'Blogger Bestie' then you should definitely use this guide when shopping for her. Being a fellow blogger, over the years I've realized that when in "the field" its a few things one should always have at any time. 

Case in point, this polka dot Comme Des Garcons wallet pouch is great for holding blogger cards, mints, and lip gloss. It can easily be carried in place of a purse if you're more of an 'on the go' chick like me. This camo YSL cardholder pairs great with the pouch because it can easily be found in your purse and its so darn cute. You'll def stand out with it ;)

A few of my other favorites are the yellow Instax camera which is great for on the go photos, the Smith & Cult lipgloss gift set (Must try!) and metallic Frends headphones.

What's your favorite gift?



H u e s.

As of late I've been obsessed more and more with this skirt y'all. I got it about 4 years ago from Forever 21 and when I'm in need of an outfit game changer, this faux leather bit never disappoints. Could you believe I was actually considering giving it away?! Silly, silly girl.

Anywho, I wore this look to church and a little bit of shopping and felt super cool. Instead of going for a heel I went for more of a sporty approach (typical) and threw on my classic Nike Cortez.
While attending an event at a local mall here in Miami, I stopped by Banana Republic just to see what was on sale since they're having a 30-40% off of sale. Lo and behold, I found a piece I'd been searching for all year long. An olive button down shirt. Now, I know you're thinking "woah, woah you can find that just about anywhere" but, I'm super "particular" when it comes to certain pieces. The reason I hadn't purchased one earlier is because they were either too thin, not authentic enough, or a bigger more masculine cut.

Now I usually don't have an issue rocking mens clothing but I wanted the silhouette to be a lot more streamlines and feminine but versatile. This shirt is exactly that. The weight is perfect; you can even style this and wear it in place of a light jacket. To make it even better, it only came out to like $15 :) #Winning

Banana Republic has been killing it lately btw. I love the fact that now the pieces are designed in a way where anyone with any style type can buy one of their pieces and style it in a way completely their own. It's now one of my go to spots!
"& I still won't grow up, I'm a grown ass kid."
Top: Banana Republic | Skirt: F21 | 
Sneakers: Nike | Bag: Eddie Borgo x Target



No grey.

Sup guys! These pasts few weeks have been a total blur for me. I took these maybe a week or so ago in Tennessee. I had told myself that I'd start taking my camera with me whenever I travel for work s that I could actually document some cool new places. This was actually taken at a local amusement park. I had begged one of my coworkers to "take a few pictures" for me but it turned into an all out photoshoot like always lol.
This bridge tho! I love my job because I get to see so many different things. It's funny because whenever I tell people I'm from Miami they get so excited. I'm always excited and infatuated with anything else other than Miami. Don't get me wrong, I love Miami but after living here for all my life, I'd be okay with not seeing a palm tree. I can't handle the cold tho so...C'est la vie.
As of late I've been super obsessed with casual, sporty chic looks. I can't stop buying Nikes! It seems as if I'm buying atleast 1 pair with every other check. Like a monthly treat yo self thing. Ain't half bad, sometimes you gotta treat yourself to something nice. We work too hard to not enjoy le fruits of our labor. Am I right? Right.

Life is way too short to not love you!

Top: UO | Pants: Vintage | Shoes: Nike | Bag: Vintage




Guys! Guys! I'm back! I'm so sorry to have you all like that but, shit got pretty real these last few months. Like, really real. But things change, people change, shit happens but life still goes on.

Speaking on life, I'm making quite a few changes in mine. I'm back working out (I even signed up for the gym!), traveling more and more for my new job (which I loveeee) and I recently bought a new car. Did I say I turned 24 too? #Libra #LibraSeason
I even started going to this great new church (I need it, see how many times I cursed above?) God is working in my life yo. I'm so thankful and blessed for all he has given me and everything I've been through that led up to this point.
Like I said above, I've been traveling so much for work that I haven't really made time to blog. When I got home last week I made it my business to get a post in. 

Whenever I am traveling for work I almost always stop by Target for snacks + whatever else I couldn't fly with. Well anyone should know by now that you can go to Target with 1 thing in mind and end up leaving with much, much more. Maybe not even what you went there for in the first place. I never pass up the opportunity to check out their clearance section and this last trip was definitely worth the 
I found this super cute scuba skirt for only $16 and this Eddie Borgo x Target pouch for only $6! If that isn't a deal then I don't know what is. Like seriously. I finished off the look with a white v-neck (Only $3 from Target #winning) and gold accessories and purple Nike Huaraches.
My baby
Top: Target | Skirt: Target | Purse: Eddie Borgo x Target
Sneakers: Nike via Six:02 



Review: Beautiful Textures Naturally Straight Texture Manageability System

Sup! As of late I've been experimenting with my hair more than usual. I'm always up for trying a new style so since becoming natural a few years ago, I've been looking for different styles + looks to try. I love my natural curls and short, cropped look but this time around I was looking for a bit of a more drastic look. 

A few months back the lovely team at The Garner Circle and Beautiful Textures sent me an amazing box of goodies filled with tons of new products. One of them was their newest TMS (Texture Manageability System) that helps naturals like me have the versatility of straight hair without the commitment and harsh after effects of perm. I had held on to it for a time like this and it definitely came in great use for this hairstyle.

So to use the product you pretty much wash and cleanse your hair of all product, use their leave in conditioner (which is the straightener) and blow dry then flat iron. Now you have silky smooth locks without any damage. The product didn't have any crazy strong chemically-smell (new word?) and it was pretty damn easy to do.

Before using I watched tons of reviews of Youtube and every result and aftereffect was pretty astonishing.
To complete my look I used this amazing hair from and its the Deja Vu Kinky Yaki Perm line. Would you believe me if I said it was only $14? Yeah. So many people thought this was my real hair, due in part to the fact that my hair blended so well. That would have never happened for me without using a TMS system. Ever.

I've since gone back to my short hair and the transition back was very easy. All I had to do was wash my hair 2-3 times with the provided cleansing shampoo and voila! Back to my coily curls.

Definitely take some time to check this system out if you're natural and looking for a safe way to have straight hair! And if you need this hair in your life, purchase here :)



DIY: In Distress - How to distress denim

(Photos via Pinterest)
It's been so long since I last posted a DIY post on Wilde/Free. 3 years to be exact. So as someone who loves crafty shit I decided I would do a tutorial on something I'm really really good at: distressing denim.

It all started with the picture above of Jenne Lombardo. I loved the detailing in her jacket; the cold shoulder+heavily distressed details. I knew I had an old Levi's jacket so I decided to give it a go since it wasn't being worn that much anyway.


One//You're gonna need a few household things to master the art of distress. I typical use a pair of scissors, a foot file, a cheese grater (or foot...grater?) and an eyebrow razor (since its easier to grip and safer than a blade).

Two//Start by cutting and even ripping holes wherever preferred. I wanted a look similar to Jenne so I cut out both shoulders in a medium C shape and ripped the elbows and wrist areas.

Three//Be sure to add detailing to the back of the jacket too. I chose to distress the upper back shoulder area.

Four//Now that you've ripped/cut to your liking, go over rips with your cheese grater until desired distressing is achieved. I always go over with both the grater and foot file because it makes the denim a lot softer. I also hit a few spots that aren't ripped for a uniform "worn in" look.

Five//Now throw your jacket in the washer and let it wash like it normally would.

Six//Throw it in the dryer for sometime and allow it to dry COMPLETELY so that everything ripped will fray fully.

Seven//Style & profile in your newly distressed jacket! You'll have people from all over asking you where you got your piece!

Here is
my outcome:

Thanks for reading ;)

-PS LMK if you guys wanna see more DIY's!



#SeeSummerBetter with Warby Parker [Pt.3]

Ah, today makes me a little sad. It's the end of the #SeeSummerBetter series with Warby Parker which means that these babies will have to go home real soon (le sigh). Lucky for me, the Wynwood shop is only a few minutes away. 

For this final shoot I wore the Warby Parker Durand and loved how it made my look that much more quirky. I definitely have a new found obsession with tortoise shell glasses yall. Help!

I'm loving this vintage top I recently thrifted for $5. The pattern reminds me of a shirt the 90's Vince Vaughn would wear lol. It originally had shoulder pads but I usually snatch those out of every shirt/jacket I thrift due to the fact that I have more than enough shoulders. Shoulder pads ain't got nothing on me :/
I decided to go with my favorite faux leather skirt from F21 and my go to gold accessories. To top it off I threw on my new fave sneakers, a pair of orangish-red Nike Huaraches.

After purchasing these I realized I need more huaraches in my life. They are probably the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn next to the Nike Roshe Run. They fit like a glove! It's almost like you're walking on tiny little pillows lol. 
Shirt: Vintage Thrifted | Skirt: F21 | Sneakers: Nike | 
Jewelry: F21+Madewell | Glasses: Warby Parker
I definitely enjoyed creating this series with Warby Parker. 

For more info on the brand and how 
to get a free home try on: Warby Parker



#SeeSummerBetter with Warby Parker [Pt.2]

Sup! For this second part of the #SeeSummerBetter series I wanted to go for a fun look that I'd wear out to a fashion event or party. It's always steamy here in Miami (typical) so I paired this cute Urban Outfitters fishnet tee with a bright blue H&M skirt. I found the skirt on a crazy sale earlier in the year for $7 but I never wore it.
I topped of the look with my usual Madewell bracelets and tings. I've just recently gotten into accessories and jewelry so now I can't stop buying it! 

The denim jacket added an edge to the look, I recently distressed it for an upcoming DIY post and decided to throw it on. Distressed denim has always been 'a thing' but the trend has really blossomed this Summer. Designers are finding new innovative ways to structure denim pieces and make them a little less ordinary.

The real star of this look (besides me lol) is the lovely pair of shades by the name of 'Banks'. I loved the bold tortoise shell print on these babies and its oversized frame. The color of them are really unique, its like a greyish blue tone.

I've always been a wayfarer/aviator kind of girl but these definitely changed my mind. I know this is cliche but, I felt like a total movie star in these lol.

If you guys are ever on the prowl for a dope pair of sunnies or glasses Warby Parker is the way to go. They have a lil something for everyone!

Jacket: Levi's | Skirt: H&M | Sandals: Zara |
 Jewelry: F21+Madewell  | Shades: Warby Parker