Style Stalker: Catch me slippin'


The lingerie trend is no longer a trend of the past. This 90's classic has been on what seems like every blog as of late. It can be styled numerous ways and dressed both up and down. It adds an element of sexiness and mystery to any look.
What I love most about the slip dress is that it does something that not many pieces can do: it's simply sexy without trying. It's something beautiful about satin and lace when paired together.

I love the idea of layering the slip dress over a cool graphic tee r or even jeans. I love how Kendall Jenner (above) paired a nude slip dress over a simple white tee with over the knee suede boots and a long duster coat. Rihanna killed this bronze slip dress with a pair of strappy heels, a fur coat and a baseball hat.

Below are a few cute slip dress options for the low ;)


slip by wildefree featuring a camisole dress




I'm glad I'm getting back into the groove of taking more pics for W|F. I shot these the other day at this auto shop by my house. I've passed it for years and never actually took the opportunity to shoot here since there was always Wynwood and Downtown Miami. 

Guess this is kinda like seeing the beauty in your own environment. Opa Locka actually has a lot of good spots worth shooting.
I gotta work on getting another camera soon, I've been using my iphone for these. I mean the quality is actually pretty damn decent but I really miss having my camera. I've had my eye on the Sony A6000 for some time now, I'm just...kinda cheap lol.
Ugh, Sony if you see this...holla at a playa ;)
I got a few new pieces from H&M, Nike and Urban Outfitters so be on the look out for more new posts soon. Oh, and new hair ;)

Jacket: Zara | Tank: H&M | Tights: Pink | Sneakers: Nike | 
Bag: Marshalls | Choker: F21


recap: H&M Press Preview Event at The Galleria at Ft. Lauderdale


This past week I had an exclusive first look at the newest H&M here in SoFlo. The brand opened their 29th Florida store right in Ft. Lauderdale's beloved Galleria Mall.
I've been to store openings for H&M before (as an employee) which was always tons of fun but being on the other side this time was even more fun! Everyone even had the opportunity to get first pick from some of the stores amazing selections (I found so much stufffff) which I loved.
Everyone knows that H&M is all about affordable yet chic fashion for all which I love. The brand believes in making fashion accessible for everyone no matter the budget (and all without compromising quality).

They're the real MVP's.
I'm really big on visual merchandising so to see this brand new "baby" is pretty much any merchandisers dream. Perfect fold everywhereeeee.
Very dope mannequin army set up. 
H&M Divided section (my favorite!)I found so many cool vintage band tees and distressed denim in this area. Very very cool.
Beauty (ooh la la)
This denim section was SO on point. Like, seriously. I mean look at those perfect jean stacks #foldgoals

I also really loved the kids sections. 

What I wore:

Top: H&M | Jeans + Shoes: UO | Bag: Marshalls | Bandana: Gas Station


I'm so happy I had the opportunity to attend the opening event :) Now I just need someone to hide my debit card lol.

This location offers Training, Maternity, Mens, Womens, 
Lingerie, Kids and Beauty.

If you'd like more info on this location:

H&M Galleria Mall
2414 E Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304


into the night.


I love the way these photos came out - I shot them one night after an event down in Little Haiti.
I've always been obsessed with all black looks and then adding an unexpected punch of color so I threw on my bright purple Nike Huaraches to add interest. I wore my latest Zara pickup - a black crossover bodysuit and my leather biker over my shoulders for an essence of "coolness" of you will. It was muggy as fuck this night so the jacket never made it past hanging in my shoulders.
The vibe of these pics reminded me something of LA (even though I've never been lol) It just didn't really feel like Miami. I don't know. Going forward I wanna shoot at more low key locations like this. Loving the vibessss.
Anywho, I'll be updating this thang very soon so be on the look out for a shit ton of newness ;)

Jacket: Zara | Bodysuit: Zara | Choker: F21 | Shorts: Levi's | Sneakers: Nike |


the feels.


Oversized tees are one of the latest trends everyone seems to be wearing. I was recently given the opportunity to wear a dope new Miami-based brand ZoneFo Clothing which specializes in tees and hats. This design really stood out to me so when I received it I naturally wanted to make the piece my own. 
With this look I was definitely inspired more by Kim Kardashian and Yeezy Szn 3. I loveeeee distressed pieces so I added a few holes and rips to the tee to give it more of a grunge feel. My favorite part of detailing a tee is to always add details to the collar/neckline. I feel it adds a little element of sexy even though its just a tee shirt.
To finish off the look I added my black jeans, lace up boots, a black choker and gold hoops. I love finding different ways to wear this tee shirt. 

Tee: ZoneFo | Jeans: F21 | Jewelry: F21 | Shoes: UO

For more info on ZoneFo Clothing check here :)




It's been way too long since I've last posted but life has a crazy way of coming at you. Mentally, when it comes to writing, I've been in a completely different space. It's never that I don't have anything to say (I got tonssss) but its more of having the "want" to actually take the time to say it and document it.

Writing for me is definitely one of my biggest passions in life but I've struggled with it forever because I constantly doubt my abilities. Being a journalism major (so ready to fucking graduate btw) definitely doesn't make things better because I feel more forced to write than anything which makes it more like a chore. Who the fuck likes chores? Exactly. 

Going forward, I'm planning on just going with the flow and allowing myself to be inspired naturally. I definitely love using Wilde | Free as my personal outlet for all things I love and I'm very excited to continue this journey. I sometimes have to remind myself just exactly why I started this, thats what makes me wanna keep pushing. 

I do it for the cause, never the applause :)


WWW: All Choked Up...


One of the biggest trends seen all over runways and street style snaps have been, you guessed it: the choker.

This 90's throwback has been updated and comes in various styles and finishes. There's a choker fit for any style from glitz & glam to grunge cool.

There's about a billion ways to wear these suckers too. So many celebs have taken the choker trend out for a spin. A few of my favorite takes are down below.

The choker trend is super easy to pull off and super customizable so have fun with it! Layer tons of silver and gold dainty necklaces ranging in different lengths for an effortless look :)

If you wanna get in on this trend too, check out a few of my picks below:

all tied up...

Click below to purchase!



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