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What's good folks? I've been spending my days + nights looking for writing gigs, I'm now wanting to actually get some use out of the old journalism degree that I've been finishing for zee longest time now. The reason being is that for a moment I actually started to dislike writing. It's kinda crazy tho, I'm actually really good at it. Like, really good. 
I've been trying to find a way to love it again so I decided to give this blog my all. That means going to events and actually posting shit. I'm gonna start going to more events, I promise. I'm just a bit socially awkward but, I'll get over that. 
I wore this dope ass MINKPINK x UO dress to ride around with my bf and grab tacos. I got this for about $15 back when I had worked there,what I loved most about it was its colors + patterns. 
We shot these down in Liberty City over by Northwestern. Contrary to popular belief, Liberty City is not actually all that dangerous. I've grown up all over Miami, so please believe me when I say it. Please believe me lol. People are just as nice here as anywhere else (if not nicer). 
What I love most about having Wilde+Free is that I have a platform to show you the Miami I know and love. So many people have an idea of what they "think" Miami is and will only show you the pretty things they think you want to see. Why not highlight all of Miami? Why hide the "flaws"? 

I honestly believe the flaws are far more beautiful than the beaches and high rise condos, don't you?
Dress: MINKPINK x UO | Boots: UO | Earrings: Claire's | Bracelet: Nordstrom Rack




Sup! Hope you guys are feeling the new look of le blog. I'm really starting to invest more $ and time into Wilde+Free since it is my baby. Things have been pretty great for me lately, I:

-Finally put in an order for new blog cards
-Got fired
-Found a dope ass pair of Puma sneakers (in pic above) for $30
-Yes, fired...no joke.
-Did a bit of B&E just to snap these pics above lol
-Planned a quick trip to WPB for a nice staycation
-Got in a minor car accident (totally my fault) and almost got swindled outta $50 for a already broken tail-light (that was until I told the old guy I had just got fired the day before and he laughed in my face.)

Yes folks, I recently got fired. No (more) pity parties over here. Not gonna lie and say I don't care (I did for a quick 2 days then said fuck it and got over it).
The reason being is that I realize more and more with each day that there are so many unhappy, miserable souls in this world. When people who are unhappy with who they are come across someone who's sure of themselves they'll try their best to break you.
I must admit that I'm usually a humble gal. I get along with almost everyone, I absolutely avoid confrontation at all costs. If you should know one thing about Libra's its that they're not fond of arguing. We're generally peaceful, calm people and that makes people think we're not a threat. Like we can be ran over without any issue. Wrong. So wrong.
Long, dry, boring story cut short, I'm taking all this free time to find out what it is I want in this life and hone my many skillzzzzzz. Unnecessarily large amount of z's? I know, but you get the point.
Jacket: Levi's | Dress: Leith | Sneakers: Puma | Pin: VTG

Oh well. Hope all is well you guys. Thanks for supporting Wilde+Free. I really appreciate all the likes, retweets, comments and love you guys always give. It means zee most to me. Honestly.

Never let anyone dull your shine. Especially a hater.




What up?! Had my lil bro shoot these for me yesterday after getting off from work. I'd actually saw this skirt at H&M on my lunch break and decided to treat myself. I'd power walked the whole damn mall with 20 mins left on my break and still managed to make it back in time lol. 

I actually remixed this skirt for a more "work appropriate" look by pairing it with my good ole' chambray shirt + brown lace up boots

I must admit, H&M has been on it for the last few collections that I've seen. What drew me to this skirt is its amazing stitched details and its color. I've been having a midi skirt moment for some time now and I knew this piece was something I'd get great wear out of for years to come.

I paired the skirt with my deconstructed cropped sweatshirt from Urban Outfitters which was a $5 score back when I'd worked there. It proved to be zee perfect match, it complemented the midi skirt and made my look youthful & chic yet fun and still ladylike. I honestly felt just as sexy in this as I would in a simple bodycon dress.

It was exactly the feeling + look I was going for :)

Well, I'm off to online shop and stalk the shoes over at Kith NYC. Later :) Hope all is well with you guys!

Sweatshirt: UO | Skirt: H&M | Sandals: Zara | Pin: Vtg
Watch: Target | Earrings: Claire's | Jewelry: F21 + Asos + Nordstrom Rack




Hey guys! I shot these yesterday after work...making more time to get back into this thing called blawginnn. Wore some of my newest digs like these kick ass Zara boots. Scored these for only $30 just zee other day. I love a good sale. They look super luxe tho, almost like Saint Laurent...unfortunately I'm not "balling" enough for that...I'm something more like a clearance baller lol. 

A lil sale never hurt nobody...Speaking of sale, I got this dope waistcoat from H&M about a week back for a cool $7! I had waited all spring for this, and finally got it as a bogo 50% off. Crazy. I went for a chic yet minimalistic approach and threw on all black with the waistcoat as my standout piece. 

For jewelry I went with my gold hoops, gold fauxlex and my new crystal pendant necklace from UO. I'd been stalking it for 3 months now and finally decided to treat myself to it. I'm kinda a baller now so I can do those things lol. I kid.

Top: F21 | Waistcoat: H&M | Pants: Buffalo via JCP | Boots: Zara
Necklace: UO | Lips: MAC Sin

See you guys next week! Heading off to work ;)



In Living Color

Finally found zee perfect suit y'all! I got it about 2 weeks back at the new Zara on Lincoln Road & I have been obsessed with it since. I honestly feel like it was meant to be. Just the day before going there I had told my bf of all the new ways and items I needed to elevate and refine my style and one of them was a suit

I'd wore this to work one slow Tuesday and was pleasantly surprised by all the praise I'd received. All day I received double glances, smiles and nods of approval. So many of my customers hadn't actually believed that I worked there, many said I looked 'very pretty' and 'well dressed' compared to others. It honestly brought me to the realization that people will respect and praise the fashion risk as opposed to hating

The moral of this story is, wear what the fuck you want guys (and well) 9 times out of 10, what you think others will not like, they will (maybe even enough to copy). Also, fuck what anyone thinks, do you. All day. Errday.

Suit: Zara | Tank: F21 | Boots: UO | Bag: Married To The Mob

 So yeah, the menswear inspired suiting is definitely a trend worth trying. Take my word for it ;)



Style Stalker: Shiona Turini

For this week's edition of Style Stalker I decided to dedicate it to someone who's style I've admired for some time now. 

Meet Shiona Turini yall! If you know who she is, kudos. If you don't...wtf. 

Anywho, Shiona Turini is the current Fashion Market Editor for Cosmopolitan Magazine. What I love most about this Bermudan stunner is the fact the she's one of the few Fashion Editors that I could actually relate to. Her hard work and dedication inspires millions of black women to pursue higher careers in fashion. She proves that you shouldn't settle for less, always aspire to learn more and better yourself. That way no one can deny you of what you've worked for and what you deserve :)

Turini's style has evolved over the years, she's become more open to pattern play and brights which I love. She's become a streetstyle maven in her own right.
Shiona proves fashion should be fun and never a chore :)

Be sure to check out more of her crazy good style on her ig @shionat




No, this is not a test! 2 posts in one damn week! I'm officially (officially) back. I know I've said it before but this time is different. Ya see, this time I'm actually...back lol.
Shot these the other day after shopping. Hit up my local Gap, they're having a crazy sale btw...I'm talking jeans for the low low. You annnndddd ya momma could have a pair of bf jeans for zee low price of $24.99

Get em while ya can folks...
Went for a casual cool look and threw on my faux leather pants with a CHRLDR tank from the lovely gals at MIMO Market and some Vans. Only got these pants for $10 bucks from JCPenney. Not gonna lie, they have some of the best sale pieces for the low. 

I think the key to having truly great style is having the ability to shop anywhere and allowing yourself to be inspired by anything and anyone.

By zee way, the awesome MIMO Market bosses Lisa + Leilani just finished up their kickstarter campaign to open up shop soon but donations will still be accepted, just email them at mimomarket@mimomarket.com and tell em who sent ya ;)

Tee: CHRLDR c/o MIMO Market | Vest: Bisou Bisou | Pants: Buffalo | Shoes: Vans
Necklaces: F21 + AsosBracelets: Asos + Nordstrom Rack



"I Feel, I Feel..."

As of late I've been completely engulfed in my work & trying to make the dollar bills ya' know? I haven't forgotten about you guys, I promise. I'm just really focused on making le green so that I can make it outta the hood (and live good). Found time to snap these zee other day after work. 

I picked up this cute little Topshop number at Nordstrom Rack for a cool $20! I'm so weird about the color orange, its never been a color that I've liked but it looks so damn good on me lol. All day at work people were telling me how ahhhmazing I looked. 

I paired it with my trusty Deena & Ozzy lace up booties, my good ole distressed Levi's denim jacket and a few gold accessories. 

 (my dilligaf face)
Dress: Topshop | Jacket: Levi's | Shoes: UO | Jewelry: F21

All zee best :)



B L A Z E.

I'm back! Things have been going well for me, I recently began a new job (yayyyy!) at Nordstrom. I feel like this is a much better fit for me than UO, shows i'm growing up! Le sigh.

Snapped these yesterday in my old town, was super excited to shoot some of my newest purchases like this dope ass floral blazer a.k.a. "Grandma Blazer" that I scored for only $2. I also wanted to show ya guys my new loves, my brown lace up boot/sandal things. Picked these up from UO when they had their 50% off sale for only $20!

Yup, I bought both black and brown. Crazy? Of course not. Just a woman who loves a good shoe sale.

I loved the idea of wearing this breezy blazer more like a top so I very easily tucked it into my favorite Gap cargo skinnies. I kept the accessories minimal opting for my trusty gold hoops (hayyy lol), a vintage gold bag, my "faux-lex" watch and a simple jade layered necklace.

Well, I'm off to enjoy my sunday guys. Take care. Promise to update ya later on in the week. 
Blazer: Thrifted | Pants: Gap | Shoes: UO | Bag: Thrifted |
Jewelry: F21 | Watch: Target