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Hey guys! I got back from my trip Sunday but never had the time to go through them and post. I've been super busy with school as one of my classes are ending this week! I've been grinding so I can pull out an A :)
My brother snapped these for me at this really cool spot in Williston, FL. There were so many cool areas there, it was so hard to choose! The town is super small but I love that coming from big ole' Miami. Anywho, I've been obsessed with this top since the day I bought it! It's super comfy + versatile plus its my favorite color: Yellow. Yellow was made for me lol.
To jazz things up a bit I paired the top with my trusty green cargo pants from Gap ($8 score last year) and a vintage soft blazer around my waist. To finish my look off I layered tons of jewelry and threw on my new Zara sandals. Done & done.
Top: UO | Blazer: Vintage | Cargo Pants: Gap | Sandals: Zara | Jewelry: F21




Lately I've been really obsessed with the idea of wearing dresses different ways. In ways they weren't really meant to be worn. I recently purchased this Peace Love World dress from Bloomingdales and it was honestly love at first sight. At first glance I thought it was actually a top. It wasn't until I got home later that day and re-tried it on, I discovered it was a dress. 

I played around with the idea of belting it or tying it but I fell in love with the look it gives by tucking + draping it. Its gives an almost ethereal vibe. 
I wore this look out to the Vanity Projects MIA #VPSUMMER15BLOGTRENDS event held yesterday down in Little Haiti. The vibes were so cool there, the shop was super cute and cozy. I even decided to treat myself and get my nails done. I'm glad I went, I got the chance to see a few old faces and a few new ones.

I loved the area down here too, it was so different to shoot there. I really loved this little nook with flowers bursting out above me and then the auto shop. Although the background is muted, what was in the actual background made it that much more intriguing.

Pants: Gap | Dress: Peace Love World | Boots: UO | Jewels: F21



WWW:Shady Business

Shady Business


Hey guys! As of late I've been really into sunglasses, I used to not see the point of them but now I'm completely obsessed. I find myself wanting more retro 60's + 70's vibe shades as opposed to the typical wayfarer. I found quite a few cute ones
(above) including a very dope pair from Dita (top left).

Designers are definitely pushing the envelope more when it comes to frame structure and lens types. Some of the biggest trends continue to be the mirrored lens look and the cat eye.

What are some of your favorite shades?



Music Monday

For this weeks edition of MM I tapped into a few new artists that I've been getting into. Folks like Charlie Simpson, Coasts and the oh-so dope Ab Soul. Probably one of my most loved songs on this playlist features Soul and Terrace Martin on Ab Soul's Intro. It tells a tale of a great love being cut short by his longtime girlfriend's untimely + unfortunate death. 

When I first heard this song I was instantly drawn in by the horns, vocals and beats. I'd never actually noticed the pain in this piece. I started researching and found out more about Alori Joh and I couldn't help but hurt. This piece gives you a small insight into their love and it grapples you. 

Love is such a gift ya know? Ab Soul definitely put his heart into this track. It's definitely worth taking a listen.



M's | Asap Rocky
Warm Winds | SZA
Put It Up | Chris Brown x Rihanna
Ab Soul's Intro | Terrace Martin
Really Love | D'Angelo
Winter Hymns | Charlie Simpson
Betray My Heart | D'Angelo
Oceans |Coasts
Atlas Hands | Benjamin Francis Leftwich
Shattered | Sevyn
Outlines | Aluna George
In The Air | Teyana Taylor
Emily | Charlie Simpson
Artifice | SOHN



WWW:Thriled for Espadrilles

Thrilled for Espadrilles
Behold, Summer is among us! That means it's finally time to let those pedi's see the light of day. Literally. What I love about the Spring/Summer season most is that fact that you no longer have to wear closed toe shoes! There's nothing I love more than a bright mani+pedi combo so why not show it off wearing the cutest sandals? 

Espadrilles are always a big hit here in Miami and as of late, designers have been giving them a bit of a remix that's well deserved. No longer do you have to settle for the typical slip on espadrille styles as you now have the option to mix it up. 

I picked out a few of my absolute favorite espadrilles perfect for this season.

Which are your fave?