WWW: All Choked Up...


One of the biggest trends seen all over runways and street style snaps have been, you guessed it: the choker.

This 90's throwback has been updated and comes in various styles and finishes. There's a choker fit for any style from glitz & glam to grunge cool.

There's about a billion ways to wear these suckers too. So many celebs have taken the choker trend out for a spin. A few of my favorite takes are down below.

The choker trend is super easy to pull off and super customizable so have fun with it! Layer tons of silver and gold dainty necklaces ranging in different lengths for an effortless look :)

If you wanna get in on this trend too, check out a few of my picks below:

all tied up...

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Would you believe me if I told you I bought these sneakers for only $20? Yep, its true my friend. 20 damn dollars. How & where you ask? The Nike factory store of course. While traveling for work I stopped at one location in Tennessee and found these babies on a shelf all by their lonesome.
Even though an 11 and a smidge too big (I'm lying) the Air Max Thea made for the perfect fit. Throw in an additional 20% off and it was meant to be.
Since I do some freelance merchandising gigs for Nike here and there I always make sure to check out any Nike shops in any city I'm in. I've been obsessed with Nike all my life anyway so this was the perfect match for me.
Top: Thrifted vtg | Shorts: DIY Levi's | Sneakers + Bra: Nike


Music Monday: Elhae


You know that moment when you're fumbling with your shuffle button on Spotify for new music and you come across something completely fucking amazing? That's exactly what this is. 

Meet ELHAE (stands for Every Life Has An Ending). He's 22 coming out of ATL by way of North Dakota. This Atlantic signed artist has been garnering a great deal of well deserved buzz for his new album All Have Fallen

Law of attraction. -

I honestly have had AHF on repeat for the last month since first hearing it. Elhae stands out from the crowd when it comes to music creativity and crafting lyrics that not only make sense but resonate with listeners. One of my favorites Love A Nigga speaks so much to my current feels. Another fave Comfortable just draws me in with lyrics:

"....So let me know
Is this really love?
Cause I've seen a lot, it's hard for me to trust
Baby hold my hand
Look me in my eyes
There's no where I'd rather be than with you tonight
I'm so comfortable...."

Definitely have a listen below & be sure to let me know what you guys think!


All Have Fallen is available for purchase here




Shot these back in December and never posted them. It's not that I didn't love them, I do really, I was just a bit too self conscious to do so. Gonna be honest here, my self confidence and comes and goes in waves. 

For example, back in December I was going through the motions. I was unsure myself in many ways. Fast forward to now, I'm just realizing my cuteness lol. I'm kinda feeling myself. 
Truth is, everyday is a struggle. Society is constantly pushing us to change ourselves in order to be more appealing to people who don't even fucking matter. When you're getting told "ya cute but you could be this" it definitely takes a toll on one's self confidence. Then you can't help but compare yourself to everyone around you.

But, comparison is the thief of joy as they say. 
I was afraid to post these not because of what anyone else thought but because of what I thought. Crazy right? We're our own biggest critics. All my life I've struggled with weight issues and it has definitely taken all of my young years to get used to. I'd never show my arms because to me, they were limp, two-toned and had stretch marks. A pretty harsh way to think of your own body right? 
What I'm now realizing is, if I'm on this journey of learning to love myself I have to do just that: I must love all of me completely. Body shaming is now a thing of my past and should now be in yours as well. 
We have to learn to love ourselves as a whole. You look beautiful as you are boo :) We're popping! Love those lines!


An ATL Story...


Sup guys! A few weeks back I made my way up to ATL for a weekend getaway (sounds mad extra, sorry lol). Anyway, while there I took the liberty to wander the streets and see the sights I never had to free time to check out during my last 2 visits.
One of my favorite areas had to be Little 5 Points. It's kinda like Wynwood but smaller with more of a city feel. One shop I've been meaning to check out is Wish which just so happened to be down there.
Wish is pretty much any sneakerheads dream - They had so many dope lines ranging from Comme Des Garcons, Melody Ehsani and Just Don. There was even a whole 2nd floor dedicated to just sneakers (swoon). I didn't wanna leave.
The next day we made our way downtown to see what was what. There was so much dope art all around us, I had to snap a few pics. I will say tho, I think I've mastered the art of whipping a minivan and snapping a pic at the same damn time (future reference lol) like nobody's business.
More dope street art.
The weather there was pretty nice actually until it started to rain a little later into our stay. I opted for a downtown cool vibe and wore my new biker from Zara with my favorite distressed jeans, a striped Old Navy tee and my new Nike Roshe Runs.
I finished off the look with gold and silver accessories, a black chained bag and a black neck tie. I loved this look because for once I looked as cool as I felt lol.
Loved this building <3
I can't wait to go back to Atlanta man. I'm seriously thinking about moving there soon, I'm over Miami lol.

Outfit details: 
Jacket: Zara | Shoes: Nike | Tee: Oldnavy | Jeans: UO
Bag: TJ Maxx | Glasses: Flea Market | Neck tie: 
Gas Station | 

Tights: F21 | Tee: Zara


Music Monday: A Single Girl's Guide to Getting Over Him (or Her).


Guess who's back?! This girl right here. Yup, I'm officially back after whats been a long ass hiatus. It was honestly due to creative reasons but whatever, that's all in the past.

I created what I believe is thee perf playlist for any single girl out there right now. Maybe you're working to get over a break up like me (le sigh) or maybe you're just on your "Fuck n***as, get money" tip and that's cool too lol. All in all, you're amazing, fuck him (or her) and get out there and live. Anyone would be happy to have ya. It's 2016 for God's sake! This is our year to wear less and start going out more (like my Drake reference?) Guys(and girls if that's your thing) are assholes anyway. Do you boo boo. Do you.

I believe when it comes to getting over breakups, we do it in phases. I've curated a slew of songs to get you through every phase of your breakup. Your welcome :)

Anyway, take a listen below. LMK if you're feeling it :)

Phase 1: Baby don't go...

Phase 2: Alright, fuck you then.

Phase 3: Same phone, who dis?



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So far my 2016 has been pretty damn good. I've been wearing less and going out more, I've even been hanging with some girls you've never seen before :)
Enough Drizzy tho, life has been good. I wore this out on one of the coldest "Miami Winter" nights. No bueno. I ended up going to 2 bars with a friend and got absolutely no numbers at all. Everyone had to be bae'd up that night considering cuffing season is over.

I always tell my friend that no one does that whole "asking out" thing anymore because of the fear of rejection. No one wants to be told "bye felicia" in front of a crowd of people let alone their best friend. The craziest part is that those same people who you see eyeballing you in a club or bar constantly that won't make a move will be quick to slide in ya dm. I don't understand it. The next time I actually go out I'm gonna try it and see what happens. I'll keep ya updated.
I was going for a new cool rocker vibe for the night so I paired my favorite leather skirt with a vintage-esque band tee from Urban Outfitters. To make it look more worn in I added a few last minute touches of tears and holes around the neck. To finish off the look I threw on one of new favorite fashion pieces: a bandana for "bad ass" touch. 
To finish up my look I added a red lip, gold accessories, my trusty Nike cortez and a dope pair of sunnies by Linda Farrow via the dope sunglass rental site Ditto.

Now it may sound a little strange to "rent" sunglasses to some people but I think it's like a great way to find out what styles you like and want without the commitment. I loved these but I'm so excited to receive my next pair.
Hope you guys enjoy your week. Check back tomorrow for a new Music Monday :)


n o i r.


#Newhairwhodis is how I've been feeling lately. A new hair do has a way of making you feel like you're on top of the world. Like "oh damn, where has this been all my life?" I was honestly just ready for something different so I decided to go with this super chic blunt bob in black. 
I'm so excited to style this new do up in different ways! I'm even considering going a bit shorter for a much more dramatic feel. We'll see.
For the past few weeks I've been telling you guys about my latest shopping obsession Banana Republic and this week is no different. Why you ask? See these amazeballs leather gauchos? I scored them last week for a mere $17! Now gauchos are a huge trend this season and I'd always loved a good gaucho but decided to hold off on the trend....That was until I found these!
Now, living in Miami I was a bit hesitant to buy them since I thought it'd be hot ass hell in a leather pant but these are surprisingly cool. I decided to go for a sporty look and kept it simple with a linen white tank and a my fave waistcoat.
I'm so excited to dress these up! Maybe I'll remix them for an upcoming Art Basel party ;)
Vest: F21 | Tank: Target | Gauchos: Banana Republic | Purse: Target
Jewelry: F21+Madewell | Sneakers: Nike


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