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Music Monday

What's up guys? I'm finally back with yet another installment of Music Monday!

As of late I've been listening to tons of new stuff from some of my favorite artists like Partynextdoor, Jhene Aiko & Drake and even new artists (to me) Saint Raymond, Lewis Watson & Ryan O'Shaughnessy.

I've been into PND since about early last year and had just about played out his ep before I really became hooked. His voice kind of draws you in, his music makes me Its hard to describe lol.

I somehow stumbled upon a song from Irish singer Ryan O'shaughnessy called Who Do You Love? Not gonna lie...his voice will stun you. His range is simply amazing. His voice reminds me of someone from an earlier time, maybe the 40's or 50's. Not like in a showtune Broadway way tho. He has a voice that'll stop you in your tracks. If he ever came to Miami, he could have all of my damn check. He's that good!

Another artist definitely worth checking out is Lewis Watson out of England. His voice drew me in What About Today? and I continued on listening. Another favorite is Bones which is about the feelings of beginning a new relationship.

Have a listen!

Would You Love Me Any Less | Charlie Simpson
Nothing | Lewis Watson
Living Room Flow | Jhene Aiko
Who Do You Love? | Ryan O'Shaughnessy
Bones | Lewis Watson
Know Yourself | Drake
Her Way | PND
As We Are | Saint Raymond
What About Today? | Lewis Watson
Star67 | Drake
English Rose | Saint Raymond
Used To | Drake



SS: Faux Real

via Pinterest

One of my biggest style obsessions right now is faux locs. I'm seriously obsessed. Its one of the biggest natural hair trends right now, its even catching on in Hollywood that even Zendaya rocked em on that infamous Oscars red carpet (you know the one). Not a lot of people were open to the look (I'm talking about you Giuliana) but that's all good. Dreads are for folks who are confident in who they are. Zendaya looked so gorgeous with hers, so much so that the very same day her look was grammed and tweeted about all around zee world.

Haters gonna hate and ainter's gonna ain't lol.

Dreads are a beautiful thing. I think its so beautiful to let your hair simply be and allow it to flourish in its natural state. 

This is seriously my next hairstyle guys (if I don't cut my hair first...)





Supp! Yesterday I had the joy of attending the Aerie #LoveYourRealSelfie event at the Mondrian Hotel in SoBe. The campaign aims for women of all ages, shapes & sizes to love the real person that they are, 100% unfiltered + unedited. This campaign really stood out to me because today we live in a world where any and everything (even ig photos!) are being photoshopped. It provides a false image to society that we should strive for unrealistic perfection. These days people would do anything for a few extra likes on their pics, even if they have to virtually add a few curves here and there.

At the event we were all given selfie sticks to document our adventures at the event. I totally sucked at using the selfie stick, I actually had to have this really nice girl help me with it after she watched me struggle with it for about 5 minutes lol. Once she gave me a quick tutorial I was in biznesss.

Some of the best selfies I took that day - @wilde_free

The event was so cool to me because it involved women of all ages enjoying life + great music. Hannah Bronfman was the DJ for the event which was too cool, I've been admiring her style for some time now. Tons of great people were in attendance including one of my fave (and everyone elses) style blogger Sincerely, Jules. There was also Gray Malin a famed photog who shot the party and actress Mae Whitman
Look, Its Gray!!!
For this event I wore my Urban Renewal jumpsuit (janitor chic lol), a H&M bra top, gold Mossimo sandals and layered necklaces from Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters. 

I loved this look. Seriously. I plan on recreating it for a dressier occasion soon. 

This was a super dope event. Its better to love the true you, ya know? Always love you first, that way in the end you know who and what matters most in those situations when others may tell you otherwise. You will always have you.

The End.



The Cool

What up! Spent my saturday down on the beach with my bf after my failed attempt at attending the Miami Beach Foodie Festival. Why was it failed you ask? Well, it would seem kind of odd that a person that had a contractual agreement with the creators of the event would be atleast given the tickets they were alotted in said contract. The whole 2 weeks before the event I'd been emailing the marketing director about not receiving my tickets/press pass in the mail. I never got an email back about that, which means I had 2 weeks to stress about how the fuck I was getting into the event myself. I couldn't even send my grand prize winner their tickets (2 of my 4 vip tickets) because there were no vip tickets of mine to even give!
Once we arrived to the event I used 2 leftover general admission tickets I had from the giveaway to get in then asked around for media passes (no one knew what the fuck I was talking about). We end up being introduced to some guy with a walkie talkie, I tell him who I am and my blog and what I was supposed to receive from the marketing manager (who's m.i.a.). Long story cut very short, we trek through sand for about 15 minutes to find out all media passes & vip tickets are gone (how sway?!). We finally meet up with the marketing manager, he has no idea who I am even though I'd been emailing him forever about not getting tickets (to which he never responded) and said "Oh yeah, you're the one who never got the tickets in the mail..." #DEAD. So you read the email, processed that thought and didn't even think to reply

By this time I was already on 10, it had to be atleast 98 degrees that day and I had on hot ass black jeans. Not good. He then went on to say "Yeah all the vip tickets are gone (no shit) but I'll walk you guys to the vip area." We walk with him through the crazy crowds of people to the end of the event where its basically a little wooden fence (not even) wrapped around a white tent. Now, thats cool I'm not bougie in the least bit but what I didn't like is that this event had separate little food trucks and vendors. My non-existent ass vip wristband were so that I wouldn't have to pay for food at the event because I fucking promoted it. Everyone in that tent had a wristband except us meaning we couldn't leave that tent and seek food because we'd have to PAY OUR OWN MONEY for everything when in my contract I wouldn't have to. At this point I said fuck it and my bf and I left. I was beyond upset not only because of the way I was treated, but the fact that I actually gave people tickets to this event. I hope you all had a much better time than I did, truly.
After that disaster Alanzo and I went down to Huahua's on Lincoln for nachos. He helped take my mind off of everything shitty that had just happened. He totally made my day worthwhile :)

I've never ever had to deal with such unprofessional-ism when it comes to my blog and my brand. I will never again put my name on or be involved with anything like this. I'm sorry to anyone who went to this event due to me. If you had a great time I'm happy for you, if not I apologize.

Foodie fest my ass...
Tee: Vintage | Jeans: BDG | Sneakers: Converse
Shades: Ray Bans | Bracelets: F21+Nordstrom Rack
Necklaces: Vintage | Earrings: F21

Be well ;)



Red Velvet + Art Wynwood 2015

Hey guys! Shot these yesterday after hitting up the Art Wynwood art show in my favorite part of town...The Wyn. I'd won vip tickets last weekend from Coasta Berre Boutique on ig. My luck usually isn't the best when it comes to contests but I surprisingly got lucky this go round. I was beyond happy when I found out because I knew this would be the perfect event to make up for my Art Basel disaster.
So yesterday I dragged my lil bro along to document my adventure. After we hit up Coyo Taco (which was fucking amazing) for tacos. Definitely my new go to spot, the fish tacos were the best I've ever ever ever had (and I've tried a lot). 
I wanted to wear my new Sandro tee so I paired it with my leather skirt, high top Converse and denim Levi's jacket. I finished off the look with my statement necklace from F21, snake print BCBGeneration bag and these dope silver 70's vibe glasses. So many people loved this look yo, honestly I did too. The tee was my favorite part of this look because of the (red) velvetttt. It's so soft lol.

Tee: Sandro | Skirt: F21 | Jacket: Levi's | Bag: BCBGeneration
Shoes: Converse | Necklace: F21 | Glasses: Flea Market


Now on to the art!

There was so much amazing art at Art Wynwood like this Mr. Brainwash piece of Jimi Hendrix. This piece absolutely blew me away because of the great attention to detail, everything about it is so precise and exact. Simply amazing.

I loved this Russell Young portrait of Muhammad Ali.
The greatest!
Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren.
The iconic Keith Haring's work.
I still remember seeing his art on sesame street and
loving it.
Jessy Nite Chill
Loved these water color paintings by Andrei Sharov and these silver rain drops.
It was so much amazing pieces this year, 
I'm excited to see what next year will bring!!!



WWW: Mules

Ahh, the mule. It all started with a pair of Margiela snakeskin mules...the obsession was born. Mules have been all over runways for the Spring, they're the hottest shoe trend right about now (with good reason). I'm on the hunt now for zee perfect mule so this is a great time to grab them during all of the end of season sales that are still going on.

The mule can be worn oh so many ways. It can be dressed both up and down like in pictures above. I love the all black look from Sincerely, Jules because of all the different textures. The outfit is interesting because of that, the juxtaposition of the leather pants and calf hair mules makes it look so chic without even really trying.

I almost died when I saw the black Celine mules above, the geometric gold heel makes it that much more unique. Another fave is the bottom right pic in the destroyed boyfriend jeans and red Balenciaga glove mules. Ugh, black+white+red=perfect!

Mules can be done by any style of woman be it minimalist, luxe, or even eclectic like Solange Knowles. I love how she didn't go for the typical nude heel here and added a white mule to her vibrant yellow outfit. It balances everything out.

You can get the mule look pretty much anywhere now but here are a few of my faves :)

1: The beloved yellow snakeskin Margiela mules
2. Gorg print Altuzarra beaded mules
3. These amazing (sale) Alexander Wang suede mules
4. Metallic sliver (not sale!) Giuseppe Zanotti mules
(they come in gold too!)
5. Fringe Proenza Schouler mule

Which are your fave?




Hey guys! For this edition of S&P I wanted to go for a cool, laid back weekend look. I've been eyeing this Sandro top for quite some time now, it was love at first sight. What I love most about it is the cool colorblock detail offset by a white lace accent. You can wear this top oh so many ways but I went for something a little less traditional. 

I paired the top with Acne leather shorts, black and white Adidas sneakers for a streetchic feel. I love Adidas for their comfort and classic silhouette. 

For finishing touches I added a pair of black Elizabeth & James glasses, a Vintage Rolex from Invaluable and jewelry from Ettika & others.
I added yhe blue Givenchy Pandora bag for a pop of color :)

What do ya think?



Styling & Profiling: Laced Up

Untitled #24


Hey guys! I wanted to bring something new to Wilde/Free this year more focused around fashion and how to get the look. I always have these cute ideas for outfits but never really have the chance to recreate them all! I bring you: Styling & Profiling

I'll probably post them every Sunday as a way to give you all a little inspiration to take you through your week. Some may be going out looks, some work, some casual, who knows?

Check back every week for a new look :)

-Oh, and did I mention they'll be some for guys and girls? Well, yeah.

For this look I was inspired by Alexa Chung. I love her style for being so simple and demure but still grungy and chic. She can do no wrong. I loved this Sandro lace top and it instantly reminded me of her, she loves to do a good peter pan collar top and still make it look sophisticated and cool and not like a lost little schoolgirl. 

I decided I'd go for a bottom that was not so typical so once I found this vinyl Dion Lee skirt I knew it be the perfect texture play. I also loved that it wasn't so out there and had a touch of girlishness with the added chiffon pleat bottom.

This skirt is great for women wanting something a little extra but aren't too fond of the vinyl trend. It's a difficult texture to wear honestly. No one wants to go to a parent teacher meeting looking like a dominatrix...if you weird?

To finish the look off I know I wanted to add a sneaker. I found these super cute Supergas in this gorg lilac color that can add a punch of color to any look. I went for vintage looking jewels by Dannijo and a few midi rings from House of Harlow. Lastly I added this amazing (but crazy expensive) Givenchy metallic silver pandora clutch perfect for gloss, cards, keys and your phone.

This is a perfect nyfw look. I would totally wear this, how about you?




Hey!!! I'm back with yet another new do (not for long tho). I wanted a change so I opted for this long, sleek wig (yes, wig). Not a lot of women my age are open to wearing wigs although weaves are now more popular than ever. Weave isn't as "out-there" as a wig, all the bad stereotypes it held before are now being thrown away. Everyone and their mom has a track (or 2!) in their heads lol. It's nothing wrong with that tho.
I don't have the length since I'm scissor happy all the time so when I feel like switching things up I go for all those long, wavy, ombre'd hues that I'm unable to do naturally.

What I love about this journey of going natural is that I'm able to be who I was intended to be, nap-turally. The coils, kinks and curves of my hair is what makes
Jacket+ Skirt: H&M | Tank: F21 | Belt: BCBG | Boots: Zara

In all honesty, I probably gave this wig a good 2 days before I said
"fuck it, its too hot for this shit" and snatched it off. 

Told ya I love change.