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Saturday Six: In Distress

Distressed denim will never go out of style. Honestly. Its just so damn easy. They give off a "idgaf" vibe without even having to say it. More and more celebs are embracing this trend, Beyonce + Rihanna just to name a few.
Photos via Pinterest

I love the playfulness of a good pair of distressed jeans, the holes always end up getting bigger but its kinda tells a story. There's a memory for every tear and rip. I think its so cool how this trend somehow makes skin appropriate. It can be dressed up and actually look quite "put together" and not bummy.

Below are my top 6 distressed picks!

In Distress

top: R13 BF Jeans | Alexander Wang Romper | Current/Elliott Jeans
middle: J.W. Anderson Skirt | Current/Elliott Skirt
bottom: Alexander Wang Crop Pants

What do you think about the distressed trend? Would you rock it?




What's good folks? Alanzo & I shot these late yesterday after our day down in Wynwood. We decided to head down there to eat at our new favorite spot KUSH. Not gonna lie, we've already been there twice this week (and it's showing). Can't help it tho, the food + service is beyond amazing. I loved its decor and execution of everything marijuana related from its paper bag menus to their bacon+salt brownie fit with vanilla ice cream and a small baggy of "green"

So damn cute.

Please folks, do make it your business to get down there and try the Chicken + Waffles. It's crack (in the good way tho, not the scary-make-your-teeth-fall-out kinda way). 

Go take a hit of KUSH folks, I guarantee you'll be hooked:

Things have been on the up and up as of late. I got a new job + I'm taking my ass back to school. Can't work for the man all my life. I got dreamssss, skillzzzz...grammar to improve. I kid, I'm smart yo.
Sweater: Gap | Shorts: Levi's | Sneakers: Puma

Later ;)


What What Wednesday: Jump(suit)in'!

photos via google

Jumpsuits. My favorite trend of 2014 thus far. What I love most about a good ole' jumpsuit is its functionality + universal appeal.  Not only is there is the perfect jumpsuit out there for every woman, they're jumpsuits for just about every occasion: Dressy/Casual/Work/Whatever.

The jumper is a great asset for the on-the-go woman, it's a great base or starting point for one amazing ass outfit. Check out how I styled a basic jumper and got 3 looks out of 1 piece!

Jump(suit) for joy!

Work: This look is perfect for that working girl in fashion, be it Fashion Editor, Blogger, whatever! This girl isn't afraid of color, she's on trend and lets her pieces speak for her. I paired a simple black Finders Keepers jumpsuit ($185) with a yellow Oasis blazer ($65) and black Saint Laurent gold chain heels ($1,095). I finished off this look with a black Charlotte Olympia Clutch ($530), a chunky gold Dannijo collar necklace ($504) and a bright lip by Mac in Show Orchid ($16)

Date Night: Having a hard time putting a look together for date night? Struggle no more, this look is sure to stun. I went for a tough yet sexy look and paired a leather Saint Laurent ($4,990) vest with a cute Charlotte Olympia pout clutch ($482) and leopard Dolce & Gabbana pumps ($1,170). I topped off the look with silver Eddie Borgo midi rings ($500) and a sexy red lip by Mac ($16).

Casual: For my final outfit I chose to go with a casual/more everyday look perfect for running around the city. Think laid-back glam. I chose to pair a dope Scotch and Soda distressed denim jacket ($110) with the jumpsuit. For accessories I went with the classic Nike Roshe Run in a monochromatic black and a bright green bag by Givenchy ($1,965). The look was topped off with tons of gold jewelry from Jennifer Fisher.

Boo yah!

I'm in loveeeee with these outfits, hby? Let me knowww ;)




Sup! Spent yesterday running around Downtown and MiMo looking for cool shooting spots. Crazy because this spot was jussstttt around the corner from where I shot my Golden post.
Would you believe me if I told you this top is actually a skirt? Yup, found this gem on my last thrifting trip to my all time fave: Red, White & Blue. What I loved most about this vintage Lord & Taylor piece is its paisley detailing.
Paired the skirt with my thrifted H&M jeans, lace up boots and a vintage gold cuff from India. Taking these shots wasn't the easiest tho, my brother and I almost got ran over right after this shot above. Totally messed up the vibe.
What I love about this blog is that I always push to show things in their truest element. What does that mean exactly? It means, I don't like to bullshit. As I said in my post before this, I'm always gonna show the real Miami. I shot these photos above in Liberty City righttttt next to Northwestern High aka "The West". Why exactly? I found this little concrete alleyway to be "quite the site". I loved the way ferns and tiny bushes peeked out of the bridge. Reminded me of Anthropologie lol.
Skirt: Lord & Taylor | Jeans: H&M | Boots: UO | Necklace: Target | Cuff: VTG

Not gonna lie, at first glance I wasn't in love with the idea of wearing a skirt as a top because I thought it'd be too long + I'd look like Cousin It (or a lady who got dressed in zee dark) but after accessorizing (and hyping myself up) I fell in love with the idea.

I'll be honest and say I'm not the most confident person when it comes to my body and the way things fit. Losing weight has made a major impact on my self-esteem. Its taken what was damn near none-existent and skyrocketed it to limits I didn't know I'd reach. 
I'm becoming fearless and...I'm loving every minute of it.

That is all my dudes. Tell me what ya think of the skirt/top idea. Would you rock it? If so, @ me on IG @wilde_free or tag #wildefree so we can all be fly :) I'll share em too.



Saturday Six: Bag Lady

Hey guys! I'm back for another edition of Saturday Six, today's topic: Bags! Being the fashionable specimen that I am (wink) I know that the finishing details will make or break any outfit. Accessories are just as imperative as the outfits itself.
The reason that so many celebs end up on the worst dressed lists is because of that fact that 1) the outfit is just plain horrible and 2) the execution was poor, meaning they may have not properly accessorized or styled their looks.

Just because you're wearing a million dollar dress that doesn't mean you can throw on a pair of $5 Old Navy flip flops. Y'all better tell somebody.

On to it!

1: What I love most about this mini Stella McCartney stunner (besides its gorgeous oxblood hue) is its functionality! I'm all about the hands free movement over here so this bag goes perfectly with my on-zee-go lifestyle. Did I mention all of McCartney's pieces are leather free?

Price: $1,185

2: This Alexander McQueen tote bag is perf for the working woman in fashion. It serves as a functional everyday bag that's great for toting all your everyday essentials like your ipad, cellphone and paperwork and still manages to look chic doing it all!

Price: $5,995 | Grey version over at SSENSE!

3: Although Fall is beginning shortly, I still believe color should be appreciated all year long. Cue this beautiful Alexander Wang duffle bag. The rocco has become famous in its own right, its been seen swinging from the arms of various supermodels and singers. Ever heard of Rihanna? Mmyeah

This is one of the many colors the rocco is offered in. 

Isn't she lovely?

Price: $875

4: One of the biggest handbag trends now is texture. What I love about this Finds bag is the contrast of the chunky gold chain and the python.

'Nough said.

Price: $1,365

5: Hold up, wait a minute, let me put some leopard in it! Lame, I know. This Elizabeth & James bag is on trend, its made with printed calf hair and it is in a cute mini tote/duffle shape which has been seen all over...the scene. Designers like Saint Laurent and Givenchy could probably be deemed responsible for reviving this classic shape. All in all, its a great piece for anyone at any age

Price: $545

6: Last but definitely not least is this new dope designer by the name of Jessie Adore. She's based out of NY and has already garnered a following for her handbag line Adore. Did I mention that she's also a blogger? Her blog is definitely one worth checking out, I had to pull myself away just to write this. It was really hard. 

The girls' got style man.

Price: $1,400




What's good folks? I've been spending my days + nights looking for writing gigs, I'm now wanting to actually get some use out of the old journalism degree that I've been finishing for zee longest time now. The reason being is that for a moment I actually started to dislike writing. It's kinda crazy tho, I'm actually really good at it. Like, really good. 
I've been trying to find a way to love it again so I decided to give this blog my all. That means going to events and actually posting shit. I'm gonna start going to more events, I promise. I'm just a bit socially awkward but, I'll get over that. 
I wore this dope ass MINKPINK x UO dress to ride around with my bf and grab tacos. I got this for about $15 back when I had worked there,what I loved most about it was its colors + patterns. 
We shot these down in Liberty City over by Northwestern. Contrary to popular belief, Liberty City is not actually all that dangerous. I've grown up all over Miami, so please believe me when I say it. Please believe me lol. People are just as nice here as anywhere else (if not nicer). 
What I love most about having Wilde+Free is that I have a platform to show you the Miami I know and love. So many people have an idea of what they "think" Miami is and will only show you the pretty things they think you want to see. Why not highlight all of Miami? Why hide the "flaws"? 

I honestly believe the flaws are far more beautiful than the beaches and high rise condos, don't you?
Dress: MINKPINK x UO | Boots: UO | Earrings: Claire's | Bracelet: Nordstrom Rack




Sup! Hope you guys are feeling the new look of le blog. I'm really starting to invest more $ and time into Wilde+Free since it is my baby. Things have been pretty great for me lately, I:

-Finally put in an order for new blog cards
-Got fired
-Found a dope ass pair of Puma sneakers (in pic above) for $30
-Yes, joke.
-Did a bit of B&E just to snap these pics above lol
-Planned a quick trip to WPB for a nice staycation
-Got in a minor car accident (totally my fault) and almost got swindled outta $50 for a already broken tail-light (that was until I told the old guy I had just got fired the day before and he laughed in my face.)

Yes folks, I recently got fired. No (more) pity parties over here. Not gonna lie and say I don't care (I did for a quick 2 days then said fuck it and got over it).
The reason being is that I realize more and more with each day that there are so many unhappy, miserable souls in this world. When people who are unhappy with who they are come across someone who's sure of themselves they'll try their best to break you.
I must admit that I'm usually a humble gal. I get along with almost everyone, I absolutely avoid confrontation at all costs. If you should know one thing about Libra's its that they're not fond of arguing. We're generally peaceful, calm people and that makes people think we're not a threat. Like we can be ran over without any issue. Wrong. So wrong.
Long, dry, boring story cut short, I'm taking all this free time to find out what it is I want in this life and hone my many skillzzzzzz. Unnecessarily large amount of z's? I know, but you get the point.
Jacket: Levi's | Dress: Leith | Sneakers: Puma | Pin: VTG

Oh well. Hope all is well you guys. Thanks for supporting Wilde+Free. I really appreciate all the likes, retweets, comments and love you guys always give. It means zee most to me. Honestly.

Never let anyone dull your shine. Especially a hater.




What up?! Had my lil bro shoot these for me yesterday after getting off from work. I'd actually saw this skirt at H&M on my lunch break and decided to treat myself. I'd power walked the whole damn mall with 20 mins left on my break and still managed to make it back in time lol. 

I actually remixed this skirt for a more "work appropriate" look by pairing it with my good ole' chambray shirt + brown lace up boots

I must admit, H&M has been on it for the last few collections that I've seen. What drew me to this skirt is its amazing stitched details and its color. I've been having a midi skirt moment for some time now and I knew this piece was something I'd get great wear out of for years to come.

I paired the skirt with my deconstructed cropped sweatshirt from Urban Outfitters which was a $5 score back when I'd worked there. It proved to be zee perfect match, it complemented the midi skirt and made my look youthful & chic yet fun and still ladylike. I honestly felt just as sexy in this as I would in a simple bodycon dress.

It was exactly the feeling + look I was going for :)

Well, I'm off to online shop and stalk the shoes over at Kith NYC. Later :) Hope all is well with you guys!

Sweatshirt: UO | Skirt: H&M | Sandals: Zara | Pin: Vtg
Watch: Target | Earrings: Claire's | Jewelry: F21 + Asos + Nordstrom Rack




Hey guys! I shot these yesterday after work...making more time to get back into this thing called blawginnn. Wore some of my newest digs like these kick ass Zara boots. Scored these for only $30 just zee other day. I love a good sale. They look super luxe tho, almost like Saint Laurent...unfortunately I'm not "balling" enough for that...I'm something more like a clearance baller lol. 

A lil sale never hurt nobody...Speaking of sale, I got this dope waistcoat from H&M about a week back for a cool $7! I had waited all spring for this, and finally got it as a bogo 50% off. Crazy. I went for a chic yet minimalistic approach and threw on all black with the waistcoat as my standout piece. 

For jewelry I went with my gold hoops, gold fauxlex and my new crystal pendant necklace from UO. I'd been stalking it for 3 months now and finally decided to treat myself to it. I'm kinda a baller now so I can do those things lol. I kid.

Top: F21 | Waistcoat: H&M | Pants: Buffalo via JCP | Boots: Zara
Necklace: UO | Lips: MAC Sin

See you guys next week! Heading off to work ;)